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Agita Mundo, the Global Physical Activity Promotion Network

Members of Agita Mundo

Sao Paulo Meeting 2010

The members of Agita Mundo are the Regional Physical Activity Promotion Networks and organisations and institutions willing to contribute to the purpose and objectives of Agita Mundo.

Membership application

In accordance with the Terms of Reference of Agita Mundo, all applicants for membership are requested to provide some information about their institution.
All applications will be assessed by the Agita Mundo Executive Board. Successful applicants will be given a status of temporary members, until confirmation by the Agita Mundo Network at its next annual meeting.
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Purpose of Agita Mundo

The purpose of Agita Mundo, the Global Physical Activity Promotion Network, is to promote physical activity as a healthy behaviour for people of all ages, nations, and characteristics.
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Agita Mundo,03.06.2013